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2007 UCSD Award

“Organization of the Year”
University of California
San Diego Chancellor’s
International Center
Volunteer Award
presented by the
UCSD International Center.  

The Solana Beach Host Family Program has been partnering with UCSD for twelve years in offering hospitality and friendship to incoming international students and scholars. Our unpaid, volunteer hosts open their homes and extend a hand in friendship to students during those important first several days that can be challenging and confusing. If matched with a host family, you can expect to stay with your host for a short time--perhaps 3 to 6 days. After that you may need to make other arrangements with a friend or at a hostel if your permanent housing is not yet available.

In school year 2006-2007, we were recognized as the "Organization of the Year" by UCSD when we received the International Center Volunteer Award.

Over the past twelve years we have hosted UCSD students and scholars from 47 countries. We are generally able to find hosts for most applicants but we can’t guarantee placement. The earlier you apply, the better your chance of being matched with a host family. Most placements will be made for the fall term, but some placement is available throughout the year.