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2007 UCSD Award

“Organization of the Year”
University of California
San Diego Chancellor’s
International Center
Volunteer Award
presented by the
UCSD International Center.  

Thank you for your interest in enjoying a brief cultural exchange with a volunteer host family to help you get ready for your time at UCSD. Please understand that a stay with a host family is expected to last 3 to 6 days.

  • Answer the questions below to help us in matching you with a suitable volunteer family in or around Solana Beach.
  • If any of your answers change, please come back to this site to fill out the application again, but make sure to make a comment that it is an update to a previous application.
  • Please apply as soon as possible, as the number of volunteer families are limited. If you apply with less than 3 weeks before your arrival, we may not be able to find a suitable volunteer family.

Thank you for allowing us to share our hospitality and get to know you.

The Solana Beach Host Family Organization

Arrival Info

This is required before you arrive as we want to welcome you at the airport. Please provide this information now if you have a fixed date and time, however you will need to let us know 3-4 weeks before you arrive. Of course, we know the best plans can change so we can work out changes individually after you have applied and if you are matched to a volunteer host family.

Your date of arrival in San Diego. If another airport is required, we won't be able to guarantee pickup, however please apply and we can try to extend our hospitality depending upon your arrival details listed below.


Time of arrival in San Diego.

Please provide any and all details on connecting flight information so we can watch the status of your flights and welcome you to San Diego. Flight numbers and locations are helpful. If your flight is direct to San Diego Airport, please type that instead.

Your Contact Info

We use email as our primary method of contacting you concerning your application.

Another phone number that you have if you are not at your home.

Home address

Academic Info

If you are an Undergraduate, type your Major. If you are a Graduate or Scholar, type your Department.

Demographic Info

To help give you the best cultural exchange experience, please provide us with the following information.


Languages spoken

If legally married, please include your spouse's name

Special Needs

If dietary restrictions, please include details.

If you have allergies, please provide details.

Any other special needs like wheelchair access, guide for visual impairment, etc.

About Your Stay

Based upon your answer above, give us your move-in date if known.

Host families will pick you up at the airport on your arrival and typically offer assistance and housing during your first 3-6 days afterwards.

How long do you expect to be in San Diego? This help us understand how the host family can offer their friendship to you during your entire stay in San Diego county.

The more you can tell us about yourself, the better able we will be to find the right host family for you. There is unlimited space here, so use it!

Have you ever lived in the United States?

If you ever lived in the United States, where?